Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Our guest bathroom needed a serious facelift, but it’s hard when the previous owners had renovated only 5 years ago to justify completing tearing out the new (slightly dated) cabinets. I chose to do light-update. New mirror, new lights, new fixtures and then there was that awful medicine cabinet. Initially, I removed the door, use a screw driver to remove it from the wall and realized it was a completely dry walled hole underneath. I asked my hubby if he could do some nice build it shelving and he agreed. But with the list of business commitments I knew he had coming up decided I needed an interim plan.It turned out so well that it might be the permanent plan.


hammeredspraypaintI had all the light switches laying out in the garage ready to be sprayed with Rustoleum hammered bronze spray paint and as I transformed my old beige plug covers into beautiful new updated ones, I pondered what that ugly plastic cabinet might also look like newly painted. I had nothing to lose, so I went ahead and sprayed it.  I wasn’t sure, I’ll admit when I started. But after two coats on the box and shelves, I waited for it to dry and reinserted it into the wall. I was amazed. For a $7.99 bottle of spray paint and about a total time investment of under an hour, I had a really nice alternative to the nasty, dated, mirrored medicine cabinet that hung there before. I bet there’s a lot of you out there with the same one who could use this technique. And Rustoleum carried a large array of colors, so you can create a lot of different looks. Remove your plug and switch covers and spray them with the same color for a bathroom with a cohesive look.



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